RAS online Autumn Exhibition 2020

Our ‘online’ Autumn Exhibition attracted just over 1,000 views during the online Royston Arts Festival 2020 and continues to attract further viewings.

The Exhibition will run until the end of November and visitors can enquire about purchasing any of the paintings on view and seven have already been sold. To start just click on the exhibition poster at the right.

If you would like to visit the main Royston Arts Festival website to check the programme, most of which is still available to view online, just click HERE. This includes another exhibition by young artist Eve who studies at Bassingbourn Village College. The video was put together by Royston Museum and can be viewed by clicking on Royston Museum on the festival programme page.


Autumn Exhibition 2020

Following a consultation amongst the Society’s committee members we have decided to hold another online exhibition in place of this year’s Autumn Exhibition in the Town Hall. This decision was partly informed by the knowledge that Royston Arts Festival will be mainly or wholly an online event commencing Friday 18th September.

Artists will able to enter about 3 -4 paintings. and society members will be able to enter free of charge with a reduced commission rate of  of 10% on paintings sold. Non-members will have to pay £2 per painting plus a reduced commission rate of 15% on sales, the usual level for all artists being 20%.

The registration deadline of Thursday 25th June 2020 has now passed and no more entries will be accepted except from those members without email, who have been separately contacted, and any new members joining before 13th August.


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