Upcoming events in April & May

The 2022 RAS Online Members Exhibition is launched today Saturday 16 April (continuing until Saturday 18 June).  The exhibition poster can be found on the right and you can just click on it to take take you to the Exhibition.

Our next Tuesday afternoon practical sessions will be on 19 April from 2.00pm to 4.00pm in Market Hill Rooms and then on the 3 and 17 May .

For the time being we are still strongly recommending mask-wearing and social distancing at our events.

The next demonstration will be on Friday 13 May from 8.00pm to 10.00pm in Market Hill Rooms, when our new projection system will be in operation.  The artist this month will be Maureen Mace, and her subject will be “Night skies and miniature brushes”  also advertised in our demo list as “Dreamlike vistas in oil and acrylics”.

Maureen  paints detailed, dream-like images in oils and acrylics, on canvas which incorporate rich night skies and a shining moon. Stories inspired by the detail and pattern of medieval art, tapestries and her imagination. Her work is very influenced by the wonderful city of Cambridge where she lives. More information can be found on Maureen’s website by clicking HERE.