Painting Sessions

We hold painting sessions on the first and third Tuesdays of most months, between 2.00 and 4.00pm in Market Hill Rooms, Fish Hill, Royston, excepting for August and the third Tuesday in December.

We get 25 – 30 members at most sessions, ranging in ability from relative beginners to professional artists, who bring along their own work to paint. There is no formal teaching but our members learn new techniques and find inspiration from the work of other members. We pause for a cup of tea at around 3.00pm which gives everybody a chance to see what others are doing and to socialise.


Everyone is welcome to come to our Art Demonstrations. These feature professional artists demonstrating their skills in a wide variety of media and subject matter in an informal atmosphere. We have a short break in the middle to allow examine the artist’s work in more detail and to enjoy a cup of tea and biscuits.

The demos take place in Market Hill Rooms on the second Friday in most months between 8.00pm and 10pm.

Members have free admittance. Non-members each need to pay an admission fee of £3.00.

The Demonstration programme planned until March 2022 is as shown on the image on the right.


We hold an annual open exhibition, the Autumn Exhibition each year towards the end of September. There is no hanging fee for Members who can enter up to four framed, six unframed paintings and 25 greetings cards. The Society deducts a commission of 20% on all sold work.

There is also a Members Exhibition which we hold earlier in the year. This is a much smaller exhibition for members only. Members can enter up to two framed paintings, four unframed paintings and 25 greetings cards. There is a small hanging fee for members who wish to enter this exhibition and a commission is charged.

For further information please email the Exhibitions Organiser.

Library Display

Royston Arts Society has an on-going display of members’ paintings in the Royston Library. This is refreshed on the first Monday of each month between 3.30 and 4.00pm (On the first Tuesday if the Monday is a Bank Holiday).

Members simply take their paintings along and collect those that have not been sold. There is no hanging fee but the library takes a commission of 20% on all sales.

We typically have about 30 – 40 paintings on display and our members sold a total of 13 paintings during 2019.

Borrowing Books and DVDs

Royston Arts Society owns a collection of around 90 art related books and over 60 DVDs which have either been purchased by the society or donated by members.

The collection is stored at Market Hill Rooms where they can be borrowed at no charge by RAS members who attend the painting sessions or demonstrations. Simply check them out in the book provided.

There is no fixed period for the loan but we ask members to bring them back within a month or so. Have a look at the lists of DVDs or Books by clicking on these links.

Annual General Meeting

Royston Arts Society is run by and exists for its members. The day to day management is carried out by a Committee elected by the Membership.

The AGM is normally held in MHR on the second Friday in December. This year it was held in Jan 2021 by Zoom. This will also be the case for 2021 when it will be held in Jan 2022 by Zoom to allow us to have a demo in December.