Painting Sessions

Painting Sessions

We hold painting sessions on the first and third Tuesdays of most months, between 2.00 and 4.00pm in Market Hill Rooms, Fish Hill, Royston, SG8 9DW (map) excepting for August and the third Tuesday in December. There is car parking near to Market Hill Rooms – some that is free for an hour and much more that is free after 3pm.

We get 20 – 25 members at our painting sessions, ranging in ability from relative beginners to professional artists. They all bring along their own materials and something to paint; usually a photograph. There is no formal teaching, but our members learn new techniques and find inspiration from the work of other members.

The tables are arranged in groups so that people can choose who they wish to sit with or whether they prefer to paint by themselves. Some people spend more time chatting, others more time painting. We pause for a cup of tea at around 3.00pm which gives everybody a chance to see what others are doing and to socialise.

RAS members are entitled to attend as many painting session as they wish without further payment. We encourage members to bring along non members as guests. They will be charged £3.00 for each painting session they attend.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our painting sessions please email us using our  GENERAL ENQUIRY form.